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#187553 - ‘Firstly open your blouse so that I can see those big tits of yours, then take off my boxers and suck my cock’ Beryl licked her lips and started to open her blouse, after 4 buttons were open I could see that she was wearing a front fastening bra ‘better still open your bra and lean forward so I can really see those big tits swing’ she hurriedly unclipped her bra and those two magnificent big fat tits came into full view, she had breast fed 3 kids and her nipples were nearly an inch long and hardening rapidly, ‘lean forward’ I ordered, she bent forward and her tits swung down, they were fantastic full, and not too saggy with those magnificent nipples sticking out ‘play with them’ I said and she started to rub them together and pinch her nipples, sighing as she did so. Beryl showed no hesitation and slowly began sliding her knickers down, my cock jumped as her tight puckered arsehole came into view and then her hairy cunt. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and straightened her up, I am

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