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#120809 - Jack tried to remember what the weapon had said when he was hit with a name for the weapon, saying the name in his head he heard the familiar sound of the blade, he was so engrossed with the talking he didn’t hear the captain steep into the room and start to ask if he was ok. “Hahaha oh Lucie I already sleep with you, you sleep in the same bed as me. Going to pick up the dagger first think that because they were small he could pick them up first and not drop them, reaching out to pick up the two dagger jack found that the dagger were at the bottom of the case, sighing Jack reached for the long sword, pulling his hand back to think for a moment if this was a good idea, he saw that the sword was not the normal long sword that he had seen in books that he read, “This blade must be at less 80 cm long and around 5 inches from one side of the blade to the other at the base.

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